SP-3200 Off-Grid Solar Inverter

  • 3200W Power: Experience unwavering power with the SP-3200’s robust 3200W capacity, catering to diverse energy needs, from residential homes to small-scale businesses.
  • Efficient Energy Conversion: With high-efficiency energy conversion, the SP-3200 optimizes solar input, ensuring maximum utilization of sunlight to power your world.
  • Advanced Battery Management: Seamlessly manage energy storage with the SP-3200’s advanced battery management system, enhancing reliability and extending battery lifespan.
  • Integrated Monitoring: Stay connected with real-time insights through integrated monitoring, offering you data-driven control over your energy consumption.
  • Rugged Design for African Conditions: Crafted to withstand Africa’s diverse climates, the SP-3200 is designed for durability, ensuring consistent performance in challenging environments.